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To Always Love You, Kurt/Blaine, R

Title: To Always Love You
Author: skintightsocks
Rating: R
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Word Count: 4,800+
Summary: "But what are you promising?" AKA: Box scene reaction fic where Blaine keeps his promises.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author Notes: A series of snippets from Kurt and Blaine's relationship in the future, based off of The Box Scene. We could not resist.

To defend you even if I know you're wrong.

"Come in," Kurt calls weakly when Blaine knocks on the door. "Unless it's you, dad."

"It's not," Blaine says, opening the door and stopping dead in his tracks. Kurt has the curtains drawn and is lying face down on his bed, one arm flung dramatically toward the door.

"You shouldn't see me like this," Kurt says into his mattress. "I've taken to my bed."

"I guess I'm going to have to take to your bed with you, then," Blaine says, rolling his eyes fondly and bouncing onto Kurt's bed. He nudges Kurt with his hip until Kurt sighs and turns over, giving him room. "Now, what's up with you and your dad?"

"He's being unreasonable," Kurt sighs, folding his arms on Blaine's chest and looking up at him. "We got into a huge fight last night when he found out I wasn't considering any of the other performing arts schools I applied to."

"You're not?" Blaine asks, before he can stop himself. He's just surprised, is all. This is Kurt's dream.

"No," Kurt says flatly. "I wanted NYADA, I didn't get NYADA. I don't want second best, so I figure, why bother?"

"There's always next year, or even spring semester, and Kurt... it doesn't have to be NYADA," Blaine says softly, reaching out to stroke Kurt's hair back from his forehead. He doesn't have any product in, and he looks younger like this with his hair falling over his face. "But you're too talented to just waste--"

"That's exactly what he said," Kurt laughs shortly, humorlessly, pulling away. "I knew you'd take his side."

"Hey," Blaine says, grabbing his waist before he can get too far. "I'm not taking his side. I just didn't know you'd made a decision. Tell me about it."

"Not if you're just going to be disappointed in me," Kurt says, but he lets Blaine pull him back down. "I can't take any more of that right now."

"Kurt," Blaine says, as firmly as he dares. "You know I won't be disappointed in you. I don't care if you go to NYADA or you work at Breadstix, I'll always be proud of you."

"You're just saying that because then you'd get free caesar salads," Kurt says, but his voice is suddenly suspiciously watery.

"No, I'm saying it because I mean it," Blaine promises him, dropping a kiss to Kurt's forehead. "The caesar salads would just be a perk." Kurt laughs, then, a real laugh, and buries his face in Blaine's chest for a minute.

"Parsons," Kurt says after a minute, his voice muffled by Blaine's shirt. "Maybe FIT, but I really want Parsons. I like fashion. I'm good at it."

"Is this all just an elaborate plot to meet and seduce Tim Gunn?" Blaine asks after a beat. "You can tell me, Kurt. He's on your list, we can talk about this."

"Oh shut up," Kurt laughs, swatting at his arm. "Did you mean it?" Kurt asks quietly. "That you'll always be proud? I know we had all these plans, and--"

"Kurt," Blaine says. "I meant it. I don't care if you end up going to school in Alaska, it's you and me, okay? It's us."

"You'd look cute in a parka," Kurt says, reaching up to cup Blaine's face, his thumb stroking at Blaine's temple. "Do you think I'm making a mistake?" he asks a minute later, softer. Blaine takes a second. He can't say what he wants to say, which is, Of course you are. Blaine meant what he said, every word of it, but he'd be lying if he said that he didn't think Kurt was making a mistake because his feelings are hurt. Blaine knows Kurt's talented, and he knows he'd be wasting that talent if he gave up on his dreams. But Blaine also knows Kurt well enough to sense that Kurt doesn't need to hear that right now.

"I think you need to do what feels right to you, and I'll support you completely, no matter what you decide. I can even talk to your dad, if you want, so he gets off your back about it," Blaine offers. "He likes me."

"Stop sounding so smug," Kurt says, sniffling a little and dropping his head back to Blaine's chest. He rolls his eyes when Kurt rubs his nose on Blaine's shirt.

"See that, right there?" Blaine says. "You rubbing your snot all over me? That's love. I love you, snot and all, and I'll love you no matter where you end up or what you do."

"I did not rub my snot on you!" Kurt squawks, indignant. "I was scratching my nose."

"I don't buy that for a second," Blaine says, smiling at him. "You're my gross, snotty boyfriend and I love you."

"Blaine!" Kurt gasps, still looking affronted. "Watch it, or I'll ban you from my room too and you and my dad can go hang out and judge me."

"I'm sure your dad would judge you if he knew you were rubbing your snot on my shirt," Blaine says. "Horrible manners, Kurt. Just horrible." Kurt gets that look in his eyes, the one that Blaine loves, and then he pounces, his fingers scrambling at Blaine's ribs mercilessly as he tickles him.

To surprise you.

"Oh my god. Oh my god," Kurt says, his voice breaking as he hugs Blaine so tight that it hurts but Blaine doesn't even care, because he's probably hugging Kurt just as tightly. "You're here. God, Blaine, I didn't think--"

"It's been months, and I couldn't stand going any longer without seeing you," Blaine says, realizing as soon as he says it how young he sounds, how desperate. "Rachel let me in. I- I was going to cook you something, for after class, but as soon as I went into your room, I just--" Blaine cuts off, blinking his wet eyes quickly. "Everything smelled like you, Kurt."

"I love you so much," Kurt says into Blaine's shoulder, voice muffled and soft. "I really don't want to let go of you right now."

Blaine chokes out a laugh, rubbing his hand slowly over Kurt's back. "I know the feeling."

"I bet we can do it," Kurt says, starting to shuffle them back toward his room. Blaine laughs again, clinging tightly and trying not to trip over his own feet as Kurt maneuvers them around the second-hand Ikea coffee table that is the centerpiece of the tiny living room. "See?" he says when they're almost at the door. "No need to let go of you ever ag-- oww." Blaine tries his best not to laugh this time, but he ends up letting out what sounds like a choking snort, kissing apologetically at the side of Kurt's head where he banged it into the wall.

"You were close," Blaine says, reaching around Kurt to open the door to his bedroom.

"Don't pretend like you didn't just laugh at my pain," Kurt grumbles, stepping backwards into the room. "I heard that, and you're going to apologize later, mister."

"Yes sir," Blaine says, trying to keep his face as serious as possible when Kurt spins them around.

"Oh," Kurt says softly, finally letting go of Blaine and walking the few steps over to the bed. "Oh, Blaine, what's she doing here?" Blaine flushes a little, watching as Kurt scoops up Margaret Thatcher Dog from his pillow and hugs her to his chest. He was worried Kurt might think it was silly, or childish, or something, so he's more than a little relieved when Kurt looks up at him with the soft smile that he reserves for when Blaine does something really, really right.

"Well," Blaine says, climbing into the bed and settling down next to Kurt, "we had a long talk about it, and she decided that she'd rather live here with you in New York for a while."

"But she's yours," Kurt says quietly, petting at her head.

"She's ours," Blaine says, still feeling a little bit silly but mostly so, so in love. "Besides, she finds Lima boring. We made a deal, and she's going to hang out here and keep an eye on you until next year, so no funny business. If you bring any sexy city boys back to your room, Maggie is under direct orders to inform me immediately."

"You don't have to worry about that," Kurt says, his voice suddenly low and a little rough in a way that goes straight to Blaine's stomach, making it swoop pleasantly. He leans in, because he's waited long enough, and Kurt kisses him back immediately, their lips moving together quick and desperate as Blaine grabs at Kurt's arms, pulling him closer and closer until the plastic edge of Margaret Thatcher Dog's nose starts to dig into his chest. Kurt pulls back with a laugh, flushed and breathless and beautiful.

"No, hey, come back," Blaine says, reaching for him.

"Not in front of the dog, Blaine," Kurt laughs, turning over to deposit her on his night table, handily facing the wall.

To always pick up your call no matter what I'm doing.

Blaine is, against all expectations, actually having a lot of fun at Sugar's girls (well, and Blaine) only Super Sweet Sixteen Slumber Party. He'd been wary, but Tina had essentially threatened to choke him if he didn't come along. He's just finished a pretty kick ass duet of Bring Me To Life with Tina, and is watching Sugar and Brittany do an increasingly manic version of S&M when his phone rings, Kurt's ringtone playing from his pajama pocket.

"I know that smile," Tina says. "That's your Kurt smile. A little late-night bootycall?"

"Oh hush," Blaine says, rolling his eyes. "Like you're one to talk. I know what you and Mike do on Skype." Tina just rolls her eyes, and Blaine squeezes her shoulder as he gets up. "I'm going to go hide in the bathroom, cover for me."

"Hello beautiful," Blaine says as he head down the hallway and answers the call. "How's the love of my life?" Kurt doesn't say anything at first, and then Blaine hears his quiet sniffle over the line. "Oh honey, what's wrong?" Blaine asks, closing the bathroom door behind him and sitting on the edge of the bathtub. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Kurt says thickly. "I'm fine, it's just... everything is wrong." Kurt chokes back a sob, and Blaine's heart aches, his fingers practically itching to touch Kurt.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asks softly. "Tell me."

"Just stupid stuff," Kurt says with a watery laugh. "It really is nothing major, it's just a lot of little things. I got lost on the subway and missed my first class today and then I came back home and Rachel had used all the hot water and eaten my last yogurt and I have been in the library for four hours trying to wrap my head around this stupid Sociology assignment so I can write this stupid essay and I just really, really miss you," he finishes quietly.

"Oh baby," Blaine says, his eyes welling up before he can stop them. "I wish I was there."

"Me too," Kurt says with a sad little laugh. "I could really use a neck rub."

"I knew you only loved me for my superior massage skills," Blaine teases, smiling at the phone fondly.

"Nah, you're pretty good at kissing too," Kurt says, and Blaine can hear the smile in his voice.

"I know what will cheer you up," Blaine says after a few seconds. "Did you know that at this very moment, I am sitting in Sugar Motta's bathroom wearing leopard print pajamas while an ice sculpture of her face slowly melts in the foyer?"

"Oh god," Kurt gasps. "Oh god, that's right, tonight's her party. Blaine, I totally forgot, I'm so sorry."

"An ice sculpture of her face," Blaine repeats, ignoring him. "You should see Tina, she's in mandatory lingerie and I think she wants to murder me."

"Mandatory lingerie?" Kurt asks, suddenly sounding far too interested.

"I'm in pajamas," Blaine says, laughing. "Sugar correctly assumed that I wouldn't want to wear a babydoll nightie around all night."

"Hmm, that's a shame," Kurt says. "But please tell me you got pictures of the ice sculpture Sugar, Blaine. Please."

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't?" Blaine asks. It's rhetorical, but Kurt's quiet for a long, long moment in response.

"You're the best boyfriend, you know," Kurt says softly.

"Second best," Blaine says. "You know you always get top prize because of that thing you can do with your tongue."

Kurt laughs in his ear at the same time someone squeals from right outside the door, and Blaine nearly falls into the bathtub when the door opens and Sugar and Brittany come rushing in, Tina trailing behind them with an apologetic look on her face.

"Told you!" Brittany says. "Told you they were having phone sex. Me and Santana do it, like, all the time." Tina makes a face that Blaine's pretty sure is mirrored on his own.

"Brittany?" Sugar asks after clearing her throat.

"Yes, Sugar?"

"How do you call your loverboy?"

"Come here, loverboy!" Brittany says, falling back against the sink in an exaggerated swoon.

"And if he doesn't answer?" Sugar asks, jumping into the tub behind Blaine so she can sing it near the phone.

"Oooh, loverboy!" Brittany moans, graphic enough that Blaine flushes and Kurt sputters in his ear.

"And if he still doesn't answer?" Sugar asks, draping herself over Blaine's back.

"I simply say, Blainey!" Brittany shouts as Tina falls back against the wall, giggling. "Ohhh Blainey!"

"I hate all of you," Blaine shouts, wiggling out from under Sugar and darting out the door, shutting it behind him to give himself a head start. "Sorry about that," he says breathlessly into the phone.

Kurt giggles, and Blaine's already rolling his eyes in anticipation when Kurt croons, "My sweet baby! You're the one," into the phone.

To bake you cookies at least twice a year

"Uh oh," Kurt says when he walks into the kitchen, grinning widely. "He's got the apron on."

"He does," Blaine says, peeking at the cookies in the oven again. As soon as he closes the door he feels arms snake around his waist, pulling him back close to Kurt's body.

"My dreamy future househusband," Kurt sighs, rubbing his nose over the back of Blaine's neck, and Blaine's face wrinkles up with a smile. He presses back even harder, laughing when Kurt squeezes him tighter. "Watch it."

"The apron really does it for you, huh?" Blaine asks cheekily, and his eyes slide shut when one of Kurt's hands slides up under the apron, resting flat over Blaine's stomach. Blaine can feel the warm puff of Kurt's breath when he whispers into Blaine's ear, "So what if it does?"

Blaine groans, giving up and turning around so he can tug Kurt down for a kiss. It's slow but surprisingly dirty, and when Blaine pulls back he can already feel heat creeping up his neck that has nothing to do with the oven. "I'm making your favorite."

"I know," Kurt says, leaning down and nipping at Blaine's lip. "I could smell them all the way from our room. What's the occasion?"

"No occasion," Blaine says with a shrug, pulling away from Kurt to put oven mitts back on. He laughs when Kurt tries to grab at his hips again, but taking the cookies out of the oven is more important right now. He's sure Kurt will understand once he eats one. "It's just been a while since I made you some."

"Oh," Kurt says softly, and a look flickers across his face, like he's trying to remember something. "Well, that's very sweet of you," Kurt says with a shy smile.

"You're worth it," Blaine says easily, transferring the cookies carefully to the cooling racks and batting Kurt's hand away when he tries to grab one. "Not yet, they're too hot," he says, turning his back to the rack so he can block Kurt's grabby hands.

"I have to get to them before Rachel gets home," Kurt pouts. "You remember what happened last time."

"I have a contingency plan," Blaine says. "Not only are these real butter and egg cookies, but I have a ball of vegan sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge to cook for her later when she gets home."

"You are my favorite," Kurt says, actually clapping his hands in joy. Blaine smiles so wide that his face aches a little, and he reaches back for a cookie, unable to help himself. Kurt's way too cute to be denied cookies.

"Here," he says, holding out the cookie. "But only because you are unspeakably adorable and these cool pretty quickly." Kurt smiles at him, so big that his eyes scrunch up, and Blaine gives himself a minute to just be completely and utterly smitten with him. Kurt leans forward, taking a big bite of the cookie, his bottom lip brushing at the side of Blaine's finger. Blaine sucks in a quick breath, his eyes going wide when Kurt lets out a loud moan.

"Oh my god," he whines, his mouth still mostly full. "This is the best cookie ever." Blaine rolls his eyes, grinning at Kurt as he swallows and then dips his head down, kissing Blaine quick and sweet, his lips tasting like chocolate. "You deserve a reward," he says, tugging at the front of Blaine's apron.

"Oh really?" Blaine asks, reaching behind him to put the cookie down before Kurt grabs his wrist, stilling him.

"Blaine?" Kurt says, raising an eyebrow as he walks backward toward his room, crooking his finger for Blaine to follow. "Bring the cookie."

and to kiss you whenever and where ever you want.

"This is so obnoxious!" Kurt screams, and Blaine laughs, dodging yet another drunk couple as they stumble by. "Now I remember why it took me three years of living in New York to attempt this!"

"Agreed," Blaine yells back. "But we only have, like, two minutes left, right?"

It's Kurt's turn to laugh, his cheeks pink from the cold and the tiny decorative hat on his head tilting like it's about to fall off. "They're already counting, Blaine, can't you hear?"

"I can't really hear anything!" Blaine admits, and Kurt smiles at him, pulling him close. It's cold - of course it's cold, it's the end of December in Times Square - and what little warmth their hot chocolates brought them before has disappeared. It's a little better to be huddled with thousands of other bodies, Blaine supposes, but the biting wind is still the biting wind.

"So shiny," Kurt says as the ball starts to drop, flashing big and bright way up high in front of them, and Blaine finds Kurt's gloved hand, squeezing. He smiles widely when Kurt throws his arm around Blaine's shoulder instead.

They don't count down together - there are plenty of people counting around them, and anyway, Blaine just likes to watch - but Kurt does wave the pom-pom some girl gave him twenty minutes ago, bouncing up and down excitedly next to Blaine.

The clock hits ten seconds left, and it gives Blaine just enough time to decide to do something. It's something Kurt's mentioned exactly once before - it's on his bucket list, actually, but Kurt hasn't talked about it since high school - so Blaine's hoping it won't be the bad kind of surprise when he slides his arm low around Kurt's waist, making sure he has a strong grip when everyone starts screaming at the turn of the new year. He doesn't want to drop Kurt, after all.

Kurt turns to Blaine with a bright smile, opening his mouth to say, "Blaine, Happy--" when Blaine dips him, feeling Kurt's arms slide around his neck and his lips part in surprise when Blaine kisses him.

As far as kisses go, it isn't perfect. People keep bumping into them and shouting, and Blaine's nose is really cold. But he can feel Kurt smile against his mouth before kissing back, and Kurt's lips are definitely perfect, surprisingly warm and soft from his chapstick as they slide with Blaine's. Blaine kisses Kurt for as long as his arms can hold him and then he lifts Kurt back up, keeping their lips pressed together even when they're both opening their eyes slowly and smiling.

"Happy New Year," Blaine whispers.

Kurt smiles, rubbing his cold nose softly against Blaine's. "Happy New Year to you too."

Mostly to make sure you always remember how perfectly imperfect you are.

"Kurt, sweetheart? Are you alright? You've been in there a while now," Blaine says after he knocks softly on the bathroom door. They had plans to go out to eat, to take a break from all the holiday busyness for just one night. It's been a hard week for them both - packing to get ready to visit Kurt's family, Christmas shopping, finals. Kurt sniffles, and Blaine's eyebrows furrow in worry at the door. "Baby?"

The door opens slowly, and Kurt's standing there in his robe, looking tired and sad. "I gained five pounds," Kurt says.

"O- okay," Blaine says slowly, eyebrows still furrowed. Kurt's never really cared about weighing himself before, just as long as he still fit into his favorite clothes. It's one of the things Blaine loves about him. "Is that a problem?"

"Blaine," Kurt groans, looking like he's on the verge of tears, and Blaine grabs for him on instinct, pulling Kurt into his arms and hugging him tight.

"Hey, Kurt, it's fine," Blaine says softly, rubbing over Kurt's back while Kurt continues to sniffle against Blaine's shoulder. "You're fine. You're perfect to me, five pounds doesn't change that."

"It's been such a bad week," Kurt mumbles, his breath hitching, and Blaine leads them slowly to the bed, easing Kurt down onto the mattress underneath him. "This is just-- On top of everything else, I--"

"Shh," Blaine says, leaning down to kiss Kurt's lips. He cups Kurt's face, swiping his thumb over a cheek to brush away any lingering tears. It breaks his heart to see Kurt sad, no matter what he's sad about. "I mean it, Kurt. I love you. All of you."

"I know I'm not-- you know, as thin as when we started dating--"

Blaine laughs, kissing away the pout on Kurt's lips before he can say anything else. "Kurt, sweetheart. I know you're not seventeen. I'm very glad for this fact," Blaine adds with a smile, and Kurt chokes out a laugh, rolling his eyes. "You're only twenty-one, and that's hardly ancient, so stop worrying about something as silly as a few pounds. Besides," Blaine adds, pressing one more kiss to Kurt's lips before ducking his head down to kiss the pale dip of Kurt's throat, his lips trailing light kisses across Kurt's shoulder. "You weren't quite this muscular when we started dating, you know." Blaine smiles up at Kurt and tugs the robe open some more so he can drag his lips down the firm swell of Kurt's bicep, happy to see Kurt give him a watery smile back.

"We're going to be late for dinner."

"Then we can be late. I'm doing something very important right now," Blaine says in a low voice, reaching down between them to tug at the belt of Kurt's robe until he's able to pull it open. He pushes the material aside as much as he can, running his hands down over warm, soft skin. Kurt's breath hitches, and Blaine can't resist leaning up to kiss him once more before sliding back down his body. Kurt's gone from looking distressed to looking flushed and a little wild, and Blaine doesn't hesitate before saying, "You're so beautiful that it takes my breath away to look at you sometimes, you know."

"Okay, now you're just being ridiculous," Kurt mumbles, but Blaine shakes his head, pressing a kiss to the center of Kurt's chest.

"I mean it. I wouldn't be marrying someone I wasn't dangerously attracted to."

Kurt laughs, and the sound makes Blaine's chest twist warmly. "Dangerous, huh?"

"Oh, most definitely." Blaine drags his tongue wetly down the center of Kurt's chest, feeling him shiver under the light pressure, and he stops with his mouth above Kurt's stomach. It's flat, of course, and the muscles are tight, but there's a soft curve to the middle of his belly, right above Kurt's happy trail, that Blaine just loves. He kisses around it, feeling Kurt's fingers reach for his shoulder to grab onto while his muscles tense up and twitch under Blaine's mouth. Blaine starts to suck over the pale skin - he can't help it - and Kurt hisses above him, fingers digging harder into Blaine's shoulder.

"Blaine," Kurt breathes, panting now, and Blaine pulls back just enough to admire the line of little red spots from his mouth, dark enough that he secretly hopes they turn into hickeys.

"You taste so good, I can't help myself," Blaine whispers, nuzzling his nose into the dip of Kurt's hipbone. "And I wouldn't trade this," he adds, pressing his palm over the soft part of Kurt's belly, "for anything."

Kurt's leaning up on his elbows now, his expression soft and his cheeks pink. "You don't have to."

"Oh, but I do," Blaine corrects him, dropping a kiss to Kurt's hipbone before nuzzling down to his thighs. "Because I don't think you believe me yet."

"And I'll believe you if you give me a blowjob?"

Blaine snorts, tipping his forehead against the top of Kurt's thigh. "No blowjobs. As tempting as it is." Kurt pouts, but Blaine quickly drags his lips down to the sensitive inside of Kurt's thigh, because quite frankly, it is tempting. They've been together for almost five years and just the sight of Kurt's cock, hard and flushed between his legs like it is now, makes Blaine's mouth water.

Blaine keeps his lips on the soft part of Kurt's thighs, sucking wet kisses over all the spots he knows drive Kurt crazy. There's a scar that Blaine has to lift Kurt's leg slightly to get to, but he's smiling when he presses a kiss over it.

"Oh, stop looking so smug," Kurt says. "Injuring me while we were having sex in a pool isn't something to be particularly proud of."

"You have to admit, though, that before all the pain and bleeding, it was pretty amazing sex," Blaine says, rubbing his thumb up over that spot right under Kurt's balls that's so sensitive, and Kurt is caught between a laugh and a moan, fingers flexing over Blaine's shoulder.

Blaine switches to Kurt's other thigh, giving it the same treatment and making sure to kiss over the freckle at the top of Kurt's thigh that he loves so much. He slides back up Kurt's body, purposefully dragging his chest over Kurt's cock just to watch his eyes flutter closed, and then Blaine nuzzles into Kurt's neck, dropping a kiss over the raised skin there. Kurt shivers, head tilting to the side for Blaine's mouth.

"I love this scar too. And the one on your foot, and the one right above your ass." Also a sex injury, actually. Blaine really wasn't kidding when he used the word dangerous.

"Honey," Kurt says softly, and when Blaine pulls back Kurt's eyes are bright, his teeth digging into his bottom lip a little. "What's all this for?"

"You need to know how amazing you are," Blaine says, and it comes out a little fiercer than he intended it to. "I don't care if you gain five pounds or fifty. You're still my beautiful fiancé and my best friend, and- and that's never going to change."

Kurt's eyes are watery, and Blaine watches the way his throat bobs when he swallows. "Blaine."

Blaine closes his eyes for a second, suddenly a lot more emotional himself than when he started this, and he reaches down for Kurt's left hand, lifting it between them. He presses a soft kiss over the ring that's snug on Kurt's finger, and he hears Kurt sniffling again.

"I promise, Kurt."

"Oh, of course you do," Kurt chokes out, wrapping his arms around Blaine and pulling him closer. "Now would you kiss me already?"

Blaine smiles, and he keeps smiling when he presses his lips against Kurt's, kissing him slowly. Kurt sighs into his mouth, pulling back and swiping over his teary eyes with the heel of his palm.

"I love you so much," Kurt says after a minute, and Blaine leans in to rub his nose against Kurt's, making him laugh.

"I love you too. Now, if you'll excuse me," Blaine says, wiggling his way out of Kurt's arms and back down his body, "I maybe changed my mind about the blowjob."

"Knew it," Kurt says with a laugh, and Blaine's chest is warm and tight from the sound when he nuzzles his face against Kurt's hip, giving him one more smile right before taking Kurt into his mouth.

Tags: !fic, pairing: kurt/blaine, rating: r
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